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NYTimes: Successes Overseas Are Unlikely to Help Obama at Home

by Lisa Mathias

The New York Times’ Saturday edition reported on the effect that President Obama’s efforts abroad have had on his favorability numbers, and whether his wartime success will help his political future. The WG’s David Winston stated that Obama is ignoring the most important issue, which will affect his re-election possibilities:

“Foreign affairs is important, but when placed against the scale of the problem with jobs and the economy, it’s dwarfed,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist. “It’s the equivalent of a house on fire: he’s fixing the window while the rest of the house is burning down.”

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St. Petersburg Times: Midterm elections: Economy pushes war into background

by Lisa Mathias

The St. Petersburg Times released an article on Monday, July 5th concerning how the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been pushed aside in the agendas of candidates running for office this year. But the Winston Group’s David Winston explains that with the state of the economy at home, the fighting abroad is the lesser of most Americans’ worries:

“It dwarfs everything,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “It’s sort of like looking at a house and there’s all these things that need repair, but if the roof’s on fire, all these things are secondary. Jobs and the economy are the equivalent of the fire on the roof.”

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