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The Right Idea, Episode 35: The Future of Communication

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Episode 35: The Future of Communication from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

Kristen chats with Mark Drapeau and Maegan Carberry about where new media communication is headed and how to best utilize it.

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American University’s School of Communications: David Winston and Republican Social Networking Strategies

by Lisa Mathias

David explains the GOP’s slow implementation of social media and reaching out to young voters.

Bill Gates at TED 09 on malaria and education

by canderson

At this year’s TED, Bill Gates discussed his goal to change the world with a new form of philanthropy. While this talk got press for Gates opening a jar of mosquitos on stage, it’s well worth watching for both his pleas regarding malaria in Africa and his passionate stance on improving education in this country. The education portion of the talk is about halfway in and is definitely worth a view!

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