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NYTimes: Some Risks as Obama Confronts Congress

by Lisa Mathias

Tuesday’s New York Times addressed President Obama’s comments on Republicans during a tour of Virginia and North Carolina, questioning whether his jabs at the GOP will contribute to his efforts to be seen as a leader trying to remedy the unemployment issue in the country. The WG’s David Winston says Obama is not in a position to joke about Republican efforts:

“What he’s obviously trying to do is model himself on Harry Truman and the ‘do-nothing Congress,’ ” said David Winston, a Republican strategist. “The problem with that is that the unemployment rate in November of 1948 was 3.8 percent.”

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New York Times: Obama Tries to Turn Focus to Jobs, if Other Events Allow

by Lisa Mathias

New York Times’ Jackie Calmes writes about President Obama’s current challenges in light of the employment report released January 8th. The article features commentary from The Winston Group’s own David Winston:

But David Winston, a political consultant who advises Congressional Republican leaders, said the unemployment rate was the most important indicator for voters assessing Mr. Obama’s performance.

“If this number doesn’t significantly improve, that’s going to be a negative for him and for his party,” Mr. Winston said.

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