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U.S. News: Obama’s Losing Hand

by David Winston

Over on U.S. News and World Report‘s Thomas Jefferson Street politics blog, I have a post today urging Republicans to stand strong on the sequester:

There is simply no reason for the GOP to accept “additional revenue,” Democrats’ cutesy euphemism for higher taxes, now. Spending cuts are coming. The president can work across the aisle to target those cuts more carefully, but he cannot force his opposition to trade them away for something they don’t want. Unlike with the scheduled expiration of the Bush tax cuts, allowing current law to go into effect does not produce an unacceptable outcome for Republicans. Cuts from a scalpel may be preferable to cuts from a machete, but when you’re $16 trillion in debt, cuts from any instrument beat none at all.

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US News: Raising Taxes Could Curtail Government Spending

by David Winston

The Winston Group is excited to announce that Kristen, Noah and myself will be contributing a weekly politics post to the US News and World Report Thomas Jefferson Street blog. In the first installment, published today, I discuss the ways that keeping tax rates low may actually be enabling our bloated government:

U.S. public debt has increased eightfold since 1986. Thus far, Americans have enjoyed more than $16 trillion in benefits beyond what they’ve actually paid for. As a result, we have precious little sense of the true costs of the programs we now expect our government to provide us. As any economist will tell you, being insulated from the price of something inevitably leads consumers to demand more of it. Is there reason to believe government is any different?

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