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US News: Let Ron Paul Speak at the Republican National Convention

by David Winston

In today’s “Debate Club” at US News and World Report, I had a chance to argue that the GOP has many reasons — both practical and ethical — to give Ron Paul a speaking role at next week’s convention.


Few members of Congress have had as profound an influence on the direction of the party in recent years as Paul. He has been challenging Congress’s authority to pass measures (and voting against those not explicitly authorized in our founding documents) since before it was fashionable to quote from the Constitution on the House floor. He helped raise the profile of the national debt, bringing attention to the country’s tenuous fiscal standing and inspiring his colleagues to make balancing the budget an election-year rallying cry. His single-minded focus on the proper role of the state guided Republicans back to the limited-government fold after the Bush years sent them wandering. And he’s retiring in January of next year.


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Christian Science Monitor: GOP marginalizing Michael Steele in run-up to midterm elections

by Lisa Mathias

CSM’s Linda Feldmann features commentary from David Winston on today’s story about the GOP’s possible success in the 2010 elections, among efforts to marginalize Michael Steele in his position as Chairman of the RNC.

“There’s a certain level of infrastructure that’s certainly important,” says David Winston, a Republican pollster. “But ultimately, it’s the broader message and the American people’s sense of who they want to have govern the country that matters.”

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GOP revival hangs on party’s next leader

by Lisa Mathias

Ed Hornick outlines the RNC Chairman race on, with a look into the current progress of the race since Monday’s Debate.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A fresh, invigorating appeal to voters. That’s the challenge Republicans face as they set out to pick a new leader for a party driven into the wilderness after a disappointing 2008 general election.
But which candidate’s philosophy will convince the party faithful of a revival? Some say whomever can embrace new approaches employed by Democrats this year will not only win out but will bring the party back to a majority in government.

The article also features insight from David Winston on the candidates and the directions they’re taking to earn their votes.

Analysis: GOP revival hangs on party’s next leader []

Featured Article: Six Vying To Become The Next RNC Chair

by Lisa Mathias

Printed in The Washington Post on January 3rd, 2009, Perry Bacon, Jr. writes on the tense race for RNC Chairman.

Following an election that has left Republicans with no clear vision about how to regain power, the normally low-profile race to head the GOP’s national committee has turned into a six-man showdown that has opened rifts along racial, regional and ideological lines.

Six Vying to Become The Next RNC Chair []