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U.S. News and World Report: Will Gingrich’s ‘Contract with America’ for 2012 Beat Cain’s Plan, Romney’s?

by Lisa Mathias

U.S. News features a piece focusing on Newt Gingrich’s campaign, particularly his “21st Century Contract with America,” an economic plan that shows Americans how he hopes to change the country’s current economic situation. The WG’s David Winston comments:

“What’s that compelling idea that says to the electorate: You should be president?” he explains. “I think that’s what [Gingrich] would like to be able to present; I think that’s what all the Republican candidates would ultimately like to present.”

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The Fix: Newt Gingrich: Assessing the damage done

by Lisa Mathias

In today’s Fix in the Washington Post, Newt Gingrich was the biggest topic, looking at recent poll numbers showing that his favorability ratings among Republicans is down, signs that his campaign may be losing steam. The WG’s David Winston states what Gingrich needs to focus on to help boost those numbers again:

“The key for Newt is to focus on his policy ideas and solutions for problems facing the country, which is his strength,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “When the discussion about him is not about that, he does not do as well.”

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WaPo: Gingrich’s bumpy start deepens doubts about his presidential candidacy

by Lisa Mathias

Amy Gardner and Karen Tumulty write for Tuesday’s Washington Post on Newt Gingrich’s recent missteps that have made it increasingly difficult for the 2012 Presidential candidate to garner support for his campaign. With some personal problems and after statements he made on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” criticizing Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan, The WG’s David Winston feels he needs to focus on the issues:

“Gingrich needs to focus on his own plans for the country,” said GOP pollster David Winston, who has advised Gingrich over the years. “If he doesn’t make it about his policy, other things are going to intervene. That is going to be his challenge.”

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The New Republic: The Long Shot

by Lisa Mathias

Walter Shapiro writes for The New Republic about Newt Gingrich, who plans to announce his candidacy for the 2012 presidential elections. Shapiro points out that although Newt carries with him several personal and professional liabilities that will factor into his popularity with voters, David Winston states that Gingrich’s strong suits lie in policy:

What Gingrich has going for him is that presidential elections are about something beyond gauzy biographical ads and rehearsed debate one-liners. “We’re in the personality phase of the campaign,” says Republican pollster David Winston, who worked for Gingrich when he was House speaker. “But eventually it’s going to move from personality to policy. GOP voters are going to ask, ‘What are your solutions to fix the nation’s problems?’ And that is the moment that plays to Newt’s greatest strength.”

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