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“Fix It” – An Analysis of the 2014 Midterm Elections

by Emily O'Connor


In the 2014 midterm elections, what did voters tell Washington? “Fix it.”

Read through our in-depth analysis to find out more about what voters want, who comprised the 2014 electorate, and what challenges and opportunities are ahead for both parties.

Access the PDF here.

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Politico: Young Guns vs. Gavels

by Emily O'Connor

In Politico’s special report discussing the future of the Republican-controlled Senate and issues for each committee, the WG’s David Winston comments on the overall direction the Senate will take:

“I think the hope is that things move forward,” said the veteran Republican pollster David Winston. “For a whole lot of reasons, there’s going to be a focus on jobs and the economy, and then after that there will be an assessment of what’s achievable and what’s not.”

Read more at Politico.

The Diane Rehm Show: What to Expect from a Republican-Controlled Congress

by Emily O'Connor

The WG’s David Winston was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show to discuss what President Obama and a Republican Congress can hope to accomplish in the next two years. You can listen to the whole radio show here or read some of his comments below:

Bloomberg View: How to Waste Money and Annoy Voters

by Emily O'Connor

In Francis Wilkinson’s editorial from Bloomberg View, the WG’s David Winston comments on whether the abundance of political advertising in the 2014 midterm elections has reached a saturation point:

“It depends,” said Republican strategist David Winston. “If it is a new topic or idea people will listen. If it’s just a variation on a familiar theme, then less so as they have already heard it. Hearing a point the 96th time is not likely to generate a different reaction than when it was heard the 73rd time.”

For the rest of the piece, click here.
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NYTimes: Loss for Democrats in Midterm Elections Could Be Boon for Clinton

by Lisa Mathias

The New York Times released a story on how a possible Republican-led Senate for Obama’s last two years of presidency could pave the way for success for Hilary Clinton, if she decides to run for 2016. The WG’s David Winston comments:

“If the direction Republicans define is where the country needs to go, then the initiative is with Republicans,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist for House leaders. “If Republicans just define themselves as being opposed to President Obama, then Republicans hand the initiative to Clinton.”

To read the full story, turn to

Bloomberg: Unpopular Republicans See Gains in ’14 Elections

by Lisa Mathias

Bloomberg’s Albert Hunt writes about the possible gains in House and Senate seats next year. David Winston comments:

Republican pollster David Winston foresees a good Republican year but warns it is far from assured: “There is an opportunity, not an outcome,” he says. “Voters aren’t looking for an opposition party; they are looking for an alternative.”

To read the full article, click through to

Washington Whispers: Boehner’s Focus on Unemployment Helped GOP in 2010

by Lisa Mathias

Paul Bedard refers to our recent Post-election Analysis in today’s Washington Whispers to help explain the results of 2010’s mid-term elections, specially as to why the GOP won the majority of votes in the House, using the message of “Where are the Jobs?”:

A new election analysis by GOP pollster and adviser David Winston, head of the Winston Group, says that Boehner’s question beat out Obama’s “keys to the car” analogy by a mile. The reason: Voters wanted Washington to concentrate exclusively on jobs, not healthcare, the environment, or other problems Obama addressed.

To read the full article, access it at

NPR: The Midterms From 2 Pollsters’ Point Of View

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s David Winston and Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg chatted with NPR’s Robert Siegel about the results of midterm elections, and what lessons they learned and could impart on candidates for the next round. One big lesson according to David Winston: Independents matter.

When Republicans lost in 2006, we lost independents by 18 points. In this election, we won independents by 18 points. That’s the difference between being in the majority and minority. In 1994, when we won, we won them by 14 points. The political center is where you build your majority coalition. And that’s the lesson to be learned from this election.

To listen to the entire interview or read the transcript, turn to

Milwaukee WI Journal Sentinel: The most conservative electorate in decades?

by Lisa Mathias

Has the number of conservatives in Wisconsin surpassed the number of moderates? That would be the case, according to two different, recent polls conducted statewide. The Journal Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert breaks it down, and turns to David Winston for some explanation:

“What you’re pointing toward is a critical element in understanding where this election is going,” says David Winston, a well-known GOP pollster in Washington, D.C. “Has the electorate moved that much in terms of its ideology? Given what we’ve seen in previous years, based on election-year exit poll surveys, the numbers we’re seeing now are dramatically different. The question is, are they correct?”

The article also includes insight pulled from The WG’s Kristen Soltis, from her recent Huffington Post piece.

To read the entire article on Wisconsin’s electorate, turn to

Denver Post: AP-GfK Poll: Working-class whites move toward GOP

by Lisa Mathias

In an update to the earlier post regarding AP’s new poll out showing results that working-class whites are leaning toward Republicans, which will be important in predicting how November’s elections will pan out. Alan Fram highlights another opinion from David Winston, regarding why this group of voters has shifted preferences:

“Obama ran as a centrist, and clearly he’s not been that,” said GOP pollster David Winston. “People who have been part of our majority coalition are looking to come back to us.”

Read more:

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