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MarketWatch: Republicans, Democrats Draw Lines on Shutdown

by Lisa Mathias

In looking for a $100 billion cut from President Obama’s proposed budget request, which asks to freeze discretionary spending at 2010 levels, Republicans are at odds with Democrats on reaching an agreement. The debate reminds resembles a similar situation in 1995-1996, which prompted a government shutdown. Many are concerned about a shutdown happening again, but The WG’s David Winston says that won’t be the case:

Republicans are infuriated by Democrats’ claims that they are threatening a government shutdown, calling it a hyperbolic scare tactic that ignores repeated GOP leaders’ assertions that they weren’t seeking a shutdown. “Boehner has been very clear—publicly and in private with the Republican conference —that the goal is to get the [budget] passed, not to shut down the government,” said David Winston, a GOP pollster who advises congressional leaders.

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Los Angeles Times: A modest speaker not to be underestimated

by Lisa Mathias

In his latest op-ed for the LA times, Doyle McManus outlines the challenges that new speaker of the House John Boehner faces as he takes on his new position. The WG’s David Winston zeros in on the most important goal behind anything that Boehner and the newly-elected Republicans do:

One of Boehner’s top advisors, David Winston, was more direct.

“The mandate is to deal with jobs,” he told me. “That’s the message that helped win the majority: Boehner constantly asking the question, ‘Where are the jobs?’ Our biggest challenge now is sustaining that focus.”

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WaPo: Austerity is first order for Boehner’s installation as House speaker

by Lisa Mathias

Philip Rucker of the Washington Post writes this Monday about the transition from one House Speaker to a new one, as Nancy Pelosi begins to step down from the position and John Boehner prepares to take over. But his transition is markedly different than Pelosi’s, with the intention of showing the American people that, according to the WG’s David Winston, he means business:

“Boehner’s just a very different guy in this regard,” Winston said. “He’s making it more about policy and issues rather than him and the new majority.”

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Vanity Fair: The Audacity of Nope

by Lisa Mathias

In a web exclusive for Vanity Fair, Todd Purdum chronicles John Boehner’s progression from tavern owner’s son to Minority Leader of House. David Winston provided some insight into what Boehner currently faces, especially as the midterm elections draw near:

“…sustaining a majority coalition is really hard, because the people who elect you leader tend to be the base, but the people who elect you Speaker tend to come from the swing districts. Governing means there are significant problems this country faces, and if you don’t have things to address those problems, you’re going to be a very short-lived majority. And I think you’ve seen Boehner being pretty aggressive in saying that, ultimately, there have to be things to vote for.”

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