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Washington Examiner: Obama wants road project funding to create jobs

by Lisa Mathias

Today’s Washington Examiner featured David Winston in a piece on President Obama’s remarks about jobs in the White House Rose Garden, focusing on national transportation projects and construction jobs. Winston comments that Obama’s speech wasn’t convincing of any solid plans on job creation:

“This was his ‘It’s not my fault’ speech,” said GOP strategist David Winston. “What he’s trying to do is take attention away from the fact that his job approval numbers have tanked.”

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NYT: Obama Lauds Bailout at Visit to Chrysler Plant

by Lisa Mathias

In Friday’s New York Times, Jackie Calmes writes about President Obama’s visit to Toledo, Ohio, where many lauded him for saving their jobs with the bailout. Calmes points out that Obama skirted around the issue of 9.1 percent unemployment that remains, while giving a speech to the auto workers. David Winston, President of the Winston Group, points out that the auto industry is only a segment of the economy which is hardly something to be proud of:

“It’s the macro-situation that matters in terms of how people are going to ultimately view his success or lack thereof with the economy,” Mr. Winston said. To the extent Mr. Obama boasts selectively, “that tends to reinforce the idea, ‘Maybe he’s disconnected.’ ”

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Washington Examiner: No matter what happens, the top issue is jobs

by Lisa Mathias

Byron York’s latest article features commentary from David Winston on the real top issue right now – jobs (not healthcare). Even with unemployment in the double digits, there an urgency missing in addressing the problem, even from both sides of the political spectrum.

“Any time you have unemployment this high, it is the number one story, whether it’s being written about or not,” says David Winston, a Republican pollster who for months has urged GOP officeholders to focus steadily on the issue.

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