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Heritage Newspaper: Economy is better, views on Obama’s handling of it worse

by Lisa Mathias

David J. Lynch writes about evidence that the economy is improving, but Americans don’t perceive that these positive changes can be attributed to Obama. There’s evidence in a recent WG poll, as David Winston explains:

By 49 percent to 41 percent, voters now blame “policies of the present” rather than “policies of the past” for their economic problems, a reversal from a year earlier, according to David Winston, a Republican pollster.

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NPR: Obama wants to pivot to immigration reform, but can it work?

by Lisa Mathias

NPR’s Mara Liasson recently reported on immigration as a rising issue, amid continuing debate over the Obamacare website and the budget. While President Obama shifts focus onto immigration, the WG’s David Winston states that his priorities need to be shifted elsewhere:

DAVID WINSTON: A lot of our members are hearing, tell me what you’re doing in terms of the economy first. Give me a clear picture of where that’s going to go. And the president, to some degree, wants to go to his priority as opposed to where the country’s really at at this point.

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Yahoo News: The poll pols just can’t read: Americans need more jobs

by Lisa Mathias

Walter Shapiro writes for Yahoo News about the one major issue that has been overshadowed by budget and Obamacare debates: jobs. Shapiro states that politicians aren’t paying enough attention to the polls. He turned to the WG’s David Winston for some insight:

The voters get it. “I have done a lot of focus groups in the last few years,” says Republican strategist David Winston, who advises the House and Senate GOP leadership. “And there’s one number that people know — and that’s the unemployment rate. And they’re sophisticated about it. They know that the unemployment rate understates things because of people leaving the workforce.”

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LA Times: Obama’s plan to avoid lame-duckery

by Lisa Mathias

In Doyle McManus’ latest op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on President Obama’s efforts to win support on his side of the issues, especially from Congressional Republicans. Obama is also working to gain more public support, which the WG’s David Winston says will come from one thing:

As GOP pollster David Winston points out, “What people want to hear is a credible plan for fixing the economy and creating jobs.”

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At the Races: Focus on Economy or Broaden the Message? GOP Poll Has Clues

by Lisa Mathias

Roll Call’s David Drucker wrote about our recent survey with American Action Network that addressed voters’ views on the economy and Medicare. Drucker says that the polls results show what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should address in the next months up to the election:

The survey’s findings suggest that relentlessly focusing on the economy and jobs gives the Republican presidential ticket its best opportunity to capture independent voters and deflect the central attack being leveled by Obama. However, selecting House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate and going on the attack on Medicare has also proved valuable for the GOP, according to a comparison of political messages tested by Winston in this poll.

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Politico: Job woes rattle Obama’s strategy

by Lisa Mathias

Glenn Thrush and Josh Boak released a story today on Politico’s website about the job creation and unemployment numbers released today. Department of Labor said that 69,000 jobs were created in May, and unemployment is at 8.2%. The WG’s David Winston says that Obama needs to tell the country what he’ll do about these numbers:

“The president has to address what he is going to do to change things rather than staying the same policy course he charted which has brought us to this point,” GOP pollster David Winston said.
“This was a bad report, not only in terms of the limited jobs created and the increase in the unemployment rate but the revision downward of the previous two months as well. This comes on top of the economic growth rate being revised downward to 1.9%.”

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Washington Post: President Obama, Mitt Romney do battle over Bain Capital

by Lisa Mathias

As election season continues and Mitt Romney looks to be the likely GOP candidate, President Obama has started launching attacks, particularly over Romney’s past business experience with Bain Capital. Romney had to deal with the subject before, in debates during the Republican primary. The WG’s David Winston says that attacking Romney over his business past may not end up winning over potential voters for Obama:

During the Republican primary, challengers Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry went after Romney’s record at the firm, with Perry famously referring to Romney as a “vulture capitalist.” Their arguments resonated less with Republican voters, many of whom dismissed them as an attack on capitalism.

Gingrich’s pollster, David Winston, said: “Newt’s attacking Romney over Bain didn’t work, and Newt’s moving off of it in South Carolina was a key decision in helping Newt win that primary.”

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NYTimes’ Room for Debate: Does Romney Still Need to Court Conservatives?

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s Kristen Soltis gives her take on Room for Debate’s latest question: Does Romney Still Need to Court Conservatives? Soltis states the election is more about the biggest issue in the country right now, rather than courting particular groups:

Despite Democrats’ efforts to turn fundamentally economic and fiscal issues into cultural issue wedges, the election will not hinge on issues like free contraception or funding for Planned Parenthood.

The White House will go to the candidate who voters believe truly has a plan to create jobs and grow the economy.

National Review: Obama & Reagan: No Comparison

by Lisa Mathias

WG President David Winston released an op-ed in today’s National Review, looking at President Obama’s and President Reagan’s administrations side-by-side, in terms of unemployment numbers and economic growth. Winston takes a look at the numbers:

After two-and-a-half years of Reaganomics, by this time in 1983, second-quarter growth had hit an astounding 9.3 percent and would be followed by three more quarters of 8 percent or higher growth. In contrast, Obama’s second-quarter growth this year was an anemic 1.0 percent, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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Politico: On jobs bill, White House bets on Boehner’s support

by Lisa Mathias

While the country is desperate for more jobs, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehnerc can both afford to gain each other’s support, write Carrie Brown and Jake Sherman of Politico. They turned to David Winston for insight, who said that Republicans have a slight advantage:

He pointed to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that found voters prefer a Republican-controlled Congress by the widest margin, 6 points, in more than a year.

“The House is going to take the proposals the White House put forward, look through them and try to find out where there can be clear common ground, and once that emerges, then we’ll see what the White House’s reaction is to that,” Winston said.


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