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CJR: Why is ‘issue coverage’ so boring – and often wrong?

by Lisa Mathias

Walter Shapiro writes in today’s Columbia Journalism Review about a conversation he had with the WG’s own David Winston, about the state of political press and how Winston feels there isn’t enough good coverage of the issues:

“Why doesn’t the media write more about issues that are of central concern to the voters? Why don’t they write more about candidate differences and the implications for the country? Instead we get a litany of process pieces with issues as a sideshow.”

When pollsters—yes, pollsters—start sounding like high-minded press critics, it’s a sign that horse-race hysteria has grown to absurd levels. With the election still four months away, we are hooked up to ephemeral data bursts with a shelf life of four hours. As Winston, who has no connection to the Mitt Romney campaign, went on to say, “This coverage makes it difficult for voters to decide whom they want to give the responsibility of governing to.”

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The Weekly Standard: Trust the people

by Lisa Mathias

The Weekly Standard’s latest edition features a piece by William Kristol in which he states that Mitt Romney must put forth solid plans for economic recovery and better governing, rather than just criticizing the missteps of the Obama administration. Kristol cites a recent Winston Group survey:

Republican strategist David Winston asked an interesting question in a recent survey of 1,000 registered voters: “In thinking more specifically about how the economy is doing, which comes closer to your view?” Twenty-six percent chose “The economy is getting better, and the rate of progress is acceptable.” Thirty-two percent agreed with “The economy is not getting better at all.” A plurality, 40 percent, chose “The economy is getting better, but the rate of progress is still unacceptable.”

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U.S. News and World Report: Obama Has Misdiagnosed America’s Income Inequality Problem

by Lisa Mathias

Stephanie Slade, one of the WG’s project directors, released her first full-length op-ed in US News and World Report today, giving her thoughts on how the US should address income inequality.

But what people often fail to recognize is that the state is itself the tool by which the haves keep the have-nots without. Removing their secret weapon would, in fact, level the playing field for all participants in a way no amount of government intervention ever could.

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The Fiscal Times: Debt Ceiling Rumble: Business vs. the Tea Party

by Lisa Mathias

Today’s Fiscal Times featured commentary from The WG’s David Winston on how the Tea Party is taking advantage of the debt crisis to push their agenda, and how business leaders are reacting:

“It’s not an outcome difference, but there’s a pretty significant difference of opinion in terms of the process of getting there,” David Winston, a GOP strategist, told The Fiscal Times. “Some within the Tea Party are trying to get quite a bit of their agenda done right this second, using the debt ceiling. The business community wants to be more careful about how they use this device, and err on the side of caution, even if they do eventually want to go in the same direction.”

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CNBC: Obama finds some solid ground; tests still ahead

by Lisa Mathias

Looking forward to the 2012 elections, CNBC writes about President Obama’s likelihood of getting re-elected, despite a high unemployment rate and relatively pessimistic views of the direction the country is going, as well as the Republicans’ sweep of the House in last year’s elections. The WG’s David’s Winston believes that Republican presidential candidates need to step up to the plate and present solid policy goals:

“The challenge to Republicans is to offer an alternative that builds a majority coalition,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist. “At this point, where you’ve heard the policy discussions occurring have not been within the Republican presidential primary but among the Republican members of Congress.”

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Dayton Daily News: High gas prices prompt calls to drill, tap in, crack down

by Lisa Mathias

Dayton Daily News writes about the ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats on how to solve the major issue of rising gas prices. The WG’s David Winston expresses the severity of the problem – that the use of gasoline itself isn’t something optional for most Americans:

“There are certain things with individuals that if they have to cut back, they will cut back,’’ said David Winston, a Republican pollster in Washington and an adviser to Boehner. “Gasoline is not one of them. What are they supposed to do? Go half way to work?’’

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Washington Post: A lame-duck session with unexpected victories

by Lisa Mathias

WaPo’s Perry Bacon Jr. writes about the slew of legislation recently passed by Congress – more checkmarks for President Obama to add to his ToDo list. But the WG’s David Winston views this as less than stellar, that the president is overlooking the real issue in America today:

“There was a lot of legislation, but the only issue people care about is jobs,” said Republican pollster David Winston.

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Washington Post: GOP lawmakers optimistic about ‘no’ votes

by Lisa Mathias

Perry Bacon writes in today’s Washington Post about Republicans’ confidence in winning seats in November, and continuing opposition to Democratic initiatives. The Winston Group’s David Winston states that Democrats aren’t focused enough on the most important issues at hand:

Congressional Democrats and the White House “are trying to deal with these other issues when there is only one issue in the room: jobs and the economy,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster.

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Washington Post: Rep. Connolly, rival Fimian quarrel over financial overhaul

by Lisa Mathias

The Winston Group’s David Winston comments in Monday’s Washington Post on why Wall Street reform is not exactly a hot button issue among voters, particularly those in Virginia’s 11th district, where rep. Gerald E. Connolly and Keith Fimian are fighting for the congressional seat.

” ‘What is this going to do to grow the economy and create jobs?’ ” Winston said voters would ask. “If everybody’s going to point fingers at each other, that’s not what people want to hear.”

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LA Times: Global warming waits on horizon

by Lisa Mathias

The LA Times recently posted an article on global warming, as recent polls show that numbers have decreased among voters believing that climate change is caused by people. The article featured insight from David on voters’ views of the issue:

“The majority of people view it as an economic issue,” said David Winston, who has polled for the House and Senate Republican leadership on the issue.

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