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Des Moines Register: Bachmann’s fall in polls makes Iowa essential

by Lisa Mathias

Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register takes a look at the current status of Michelle Bachmann’s campaign in light of her recent poll numbers where she reached only 5% and 8% in two different polls. Noble says Rick Perry has much to do with this, and David Winston says this is nothing out of the ordinary:

“I don’t think what happened to her is unusual,” said Winston, who is based in Washington, D.C. “But she clearly missed an opportunity in growing her support.”

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Poll: Iowa’s caucusgoers in step with national views

by Lisa Mathias

USA Today reports on a Des Moines Register poll that profiles likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers. The article lists a few characteristics that characterize the group:

•About half have a college degree or higher. That’s more than Iowa adults or Americans in general.
•The proportion who consider themselves born-again Christians hits in the high-40 percent range, slightly above the range for the rest of the nation.
•Mirroring the national picture, they’re more likely to be male, evidence of the classic gender gap between Republican voters and Democratic voters.

But even knowing the type of person the typical Iowa caucusgoer is, it’s too early to tell how turnout will be.

“If it snows heavily it could be a completely different turnout,” Republican pollster David Winston said. “You’re trying to put your finger on mercury a little bit.”

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Des Moines Register: Bachmann viewed as missing opportunities with slow start

by Lisa Mathias

News on Republican presidential candidates continues with Michele Bachmann’s slow foray onto Iowa ground, which raises questions about whether she’ll reach any success with her campaign in the coming months. But the Winston Group’s David Winston feels that it’s too early in the campaign season to tell:

“Are those folks right to be nervous about where the organization is right now? Sure,” said Winston, who has done work in Iowa. “For Bachmann, it’s: ‘What do we do to catch up?’ But I don’t think at this point anyone could say, ‘No, she can’t do that.’”

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