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NYTimes: Loss for Democrats in Midterm Elections Could Be Boon for Clinton

by Lisa Mathias

The New York Times released a story on how a possible Republican-led Senate for Obama’s last two years of presidency could pave the way for success for Hilary Clinton, if she decides to run for 2016. The WG’s David Winston comments:

“If the direction Republicans define is where the country needs to go, then the initiative is with Republicans,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist for House leaders. “If Republicans just define themselves as being opposed to President Obama, then Republicans hand the initiative to Clinton.”

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Bloomberg: Is Elizabeth Warren the Face of a Democratic Crackup?

by Lisa Mathias

In an opinion piece for Bloomberg, Francis Wilkinson writes about the effect that the troubled rollout of Obamacare has had on the Democratic Party, and what this means for Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, both speculated to be considering running for president in 2016. The WG’s David Winston comments:

David Winston, a top strategist for Republican House leaders, had a similar reply: “Not sure I see that at this point,” he wrote in an e-mail. “What is the choice being defined if it were Clinton versus Warren? Is that a choice that splits the moderates and the left because it is seen [as] a fundamental difference? Right now the Democrat challenge in setting things up for either [candidate] – is the struggling economy, and the management of the implementation of the ACA.”

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