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Ripon Forum Features “What America Wants” by David Winston

by Emily O'Connor

Don’t miss the WG’s David Winston’s essay “What America Wants” in the latest edition of the Ripon Forum, discussing how Congress shaped the ’80 presidential campaign – and how it can help shape 2016:

Congressional Republicans can help create a winning general election environment by legislating a dynamic growth agenda, an actionable agenda on issues people care most about. In doing so, they can also put the party and eventual nominee on a path to a majority coalition…

What do Americans want? A plan to bring America back – not next July in Cleveland but starting now.

Read the full essay here.

WaPo: Stormy but highly productive 111th Congress adjourns

by Lisa Mathias

Washington Post’s David A. Farenthold briefly chronicles the work that the House and Senate did over the past two years. But as poll numbers had shown, and proven by sweep of Republicans elected to the House this past November, this mostly-Democratic Congress had not been popular with the American people for awhile. The WG’s David Winston explained why:

one thing they wanted to remain focused on was growing the economy and creating jobs,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “All of a sudden, they heard from Washington a variety of other topics. . . . The public said, ‘Enough.’ “

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