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2012 Post-Election Analysis

by David Winston

Access the .pdf here: 2012 Post-Election Analysis

WSJ: Health Overhaul Heads to Justices

by Lisa Mathias

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a piece on the Obama administration’s decision to leave the health care overhaul to the Supreme Court. The Court’s decision could effect the 2012 elections, potentially putting the issue back into the forefront.

“Having this particular issue emerge right in the middle of the presidential campaign draws attention back to the fact that, while the economy was tanking, he was focusing on health care,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster.

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CSMonitor: Obama’s plan to win 2012 presidential election takes shape

by Lisa Mathias

Christian Science Monitor outlines the start of the road to the 2010 presidential election for President Obama, whose prospects look bleak at the moment while the unemployment rate is high, but has potential since it is still early. David Winston was asked to comment on Obama’s State of the Union address, which he feels should’ve delved deeper into the jobless rate issue:

Obama’s State of the Union idea of “out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building” the rest of the world is “interesting rhetoric,” says Republican pollster David Winston. “But a speech won’t be enough. It will have to be, ‘OK, what are you actually going to do…?’ Ultimately, he’s got a monthly report card: jobs. Either that changes or it doesn’t.”

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