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Roll Call: “Gleeful Democrats pulled off the perfect tax scam”

by Caitlin Peartree

The WG’s David Winston writes for Wednesday’s Roll Call about the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

There’s been a lot of disinformation floated from the presidential field. What seems to rarely enter the tax cut debate, however, is a little reality, whether it’s about the bill’s impact on the economy over the past two years, or this week, Democrats’ complaints about the size of people’s 2018 federal income tax refunds.

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Roll Call: “Democrats may win their base with Trump — but lose independents”

by Caitlin Peartree

The Winston Group’s David Winston writes about the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates’ attempts to set themselves apart from each other, despite their similarities in issue positions.

As the Democratic field continues to grow, the ability of candidates to set themselves apart becomes increasingly difficult, especially when their positions on issues are so similar. So, instead, they’ve chosen to ramp up the anti-Trump rhetoric, becoming more and more shrill as they move further and further to the left.

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Roll Call: “2020 Democrats go silent after Senate’s Green New Deal debacle”

by Caitlin Peartree

The WG’s David Winston writes about the recent vote on the Green New Deal in today’s Roll Call:

This is clearly a ridiculous proposal and perhaps Ms. Ocasio-Cortez can learn a lesson from her Green New Deal launch. There is more to legislating than naïve ideas and a lot of wishful thinking, even with a big megaphone.

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Roll Call: “As Russia fog lifts for Trump, will Democrats finally see reality?”

by Caitlin Peartree

The WG’s David Winston writes in today’s Roll Call about the conclusion of the Mueller investigation:

But last week was a good one for Trump for another reason. The conclusion of the Mueller report means Democrats, both congressional and presidential candidates, are finally going to have to acknowledge that they didn’t lose the 2016 election because of Russian interference.

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Roll Call: “The Capitalism vs. Socialism Debate: Bring It On”

by Caitlin Peartree

The WG’s David Winston writes for Roll Call on the political implications of the current debate between capitalism and socialism:

So maybe this is exactly the debate we need, as more and more Democrats seem to believe that it’s time for America to move even further left toward an economic system that will inevitably change the very character and future of this nation, and not for the better. Socialism is slowly making a comeback, a cultural shift that should concern political and business leaders of both parties.

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Roll Call: “Unpacking the Democrats’ Jam-Packed Primary”

by Caitlin Peartree

The WG’s David Winston writes for Roll Call on the start of the 2020 Democratic primary season:

It may end up a three-ring circus of unhappy losers and their equally unhappy supporters or an equitable winnowing of one the biggest fields of presidential candidates in modern history. Whether the process works and is seen as fair to all will be crucial to ensuring a party unified behind its eventual nominee. That’s where it gets complicated for the Democrats.

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Roll Call: “Note to Ocasio-Cortez and Green New Dealers – the economy is not the government”

by Emily O'Connor

The WG’s David Winston writes for Roll Call on the Green New Deal:

Today’s Green New Deal shares many of FDR’s original goals, but like the old New Deal, it reflects an economic philosophy that has a long track record of promising much and producing less. Today, one party thinks government is the answer to people’s problems. The other rightly thinks only the private sector can create the kind of economic opportunity and growth that helps ensure “prosperity and economic security for all.”

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Roll Call: The Numbers Tell the Story – Tax Cuts Work

by Emily O'Connor

The WG’s David Winston makes the case for how tax cuts spur economic growth:

Last October, not long before passage of the Republican tax cuts, Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” argued over taxes with his guest, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

“There has been no study that has been able to somehow reinforce this idea that tax cuts do translate to economic growth,” the NBC host said.

To the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that shows tax cuts do spur economic growth, and the proof can be found in the economic data that followed passage of the four major tax cuts of the last half century….

These four major tax cuts shared three key economic accomplishments. Gross domestic product went up. Unemployment rates went down. And federal revenues increased substantially after passage and implementation.

For more, continue reading on Roll Call.

Roll Call: When the Survey Says the Holocaust is Fading Away

by Emily O'Connor

In light of data suggesting that younger Americans are less aware of the facts around the Holocaust, WG’s David Winston reflects on a lesson learned as a teenager and the importance of passing down history:

All these years later, I now understand that when Mr. Michele decided to tell me about his life, he didn’t really mean it to be about him but about the millions who didn’t survive. He wanted me to remember the scale and the meaning of the Holocaust.

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Roll Call: Is Pelosi Still the Gift that Keeps on Giving for Republicans?

by Emily O'Connor

The WG’s David Winston writes that the Democratic Leader’s value as a GOP political target may be fading:

How effective negative campaigns are or have ever been is open to debate. But there is increasing evidence that tying candidates to Pelosi as a campaign tactic may not have the impact needed to bring a race home for Republicans. Just ask Rick Saccone, the losing GOP candidate in the recent special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, whose campaign tried to tie Democrat Conor Lamb to Pelosi.

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