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Roll Call: “McConnell defeats Schumer’s tax cut for the wealthy”

by Caitlin Peartree

The Winston Group’s David Winston writes in today’s Roll Call about the recent Senate vote with regard to the cap on state and local tax deductions.

Democrats running for president, including several sitting senators, have chosen to wage a divisive class-based strategy centered on punitively taxing the “wealthy” to fund their multitrillion-dollar “free stuff” agendas.

Back in D.C., their leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, seems to be walking a different path. Instead of working to lower drug prices or improve education or protect the climate, the New York Democrat, who represents one of the nation’s highest-taxed states, has chosen for one of his major political gambits legislative action that would almost singularly benefit the wealthiest, most elite taxpayers in the country. The very same people his Democratic presidential candidates have harshly criticized for “not paying their fair share of taxes.”

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