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National Journal: Obamacare is Costing Democrats the White Women They’ll Need at the Ballot Box

by Lisa Mathias

National Journal has looked at disapproval for Obamacare in terms of demographic group breakdowns, as polls on the health care law are being released to reveal new numbers about where support and opposition lie. They specifically look at blue-collar white women, who may prove to be an important group in terms of the 2014 elections: David Winston provides some insight:

A new poll by Harvard’s Institute of Politics, for one, found millennials turning away from the law. And some GOP pollsters argue that focusing on the effects of just one group is misguided. “This isn’t just small segments of the electorate; these are huge, broad topics that affect everybody,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster with close ties to the House GOP. “Who isn’t interested in health care?”

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