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RCP: Health Law Woes Spark Glee – and Caution – for GOP

by Lisa Mathias

Real Clear Politics reports on how the problems with Obamacare are opening up possibilities for Republicans to continue pursuing repeal, but also present a worthy alternative. The WG’s David Winston provides insight:

Republicans hope Friday’s vote will splinter Democrats, who had stayed remarkably united during the GOP’s defunding effort last month. “It’s saying to every Democrat, ‘Did you believe his promise? Or are you going to say that wasn’t the key promise?’” said David Winston, a pollster for the House GOP.

But Winston also said this week’s vote should serve as a predicate for alternative policy. “Ultimately what this has done is given Republicans a real opportunity to lay out their alternative, and the public is willing to listen,” he explained, noting that the president’s likability rating has taken a dip for the first time in his presidency. “The electorate is wanting to hear [the GOP’s] ideas on health care. … The challenge is clearly front and center.”

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