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WaPo: Tax fight sends GOP into chaos

by Lisa Mathias

Karen Tumulty for the Washington Post wrote about the GOP side of the fiscal cliff drama, and turned to David Winston to give input on what the party should do:

“You have to make an argument. You have to go out there and engage. You can’t just simply assert a position,” said GOP pollster David Winston, who advises the House leadership. “Part of the dynamic for Boehner is that he’s trying to have the debate over economic policies that should have occurred during the election, and he also has to deal with this piece of legislation.”

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HuffPo: 2012 Polling Accuracy: Right Winner, But Different Trends

by Lisa Mathias

Mark Blumenthal wrote for the December 23rd Huffington Post on polling during the 2012 election season. Blumenthal turned to David Winston for the answer to what the purpose of polls are:

The main purpose of media polls, Republican pollster David Winston argued at a recent post-election forum, is to “tell a story.” Although they generally forecast the right winner, public polls told very different stories about horse race trends in the final weeks of the campaign. A true judgement of accuracy would take those differing stories into account.

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LA Times: Obama offers scaled-back plan to limit tax increases

by Lisa Mathias

There was plenty of news on the fiscal cliff over the Christmas holiday, and the WG’s David Winston was quoted in LA Times, giving his insight on what needed to happen:

In a matter of months, a vote will be needed to raise the debt limit so the nation can pay its bills. That has the potential to create a replay of the 2011 battle that led to the current standoff. A new bill to keep the federal government functioning will also be due in the spring.

“Both sides need to recognize what the other can do,” said David Winston, a longtime GOP strategist who is close to the House leadership. “Republicans and Democrats, the last thing they want to do is go off the fiscal cliff.”

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