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NYTimes: Is there Life After Mitt?

by Lisa Mathias

Matt Bai writes an op-ed in today’s New York Times about the future of the Republican party after the elections. Bai talked to the WG’s David Winston, who provided some stats that work in Romney’s favor, but expressed that Romney needs to take advantage of the current economic situation:

Obama hasn’t won anything yet, of course, and on the day Winston and I talked, Romney still had three debates in which to make his case. But in Republican circles, you can already hear the howls of agony and recrimination. “When you have unemployment that high, and the economy is perceived to be as weak as it is, the door is wide open for a challenger, irrespective of party,” Winston told me. “You have to lay out the alternative so that people have something to go to.” The main question facing the party, should Romney lose, will be this: Was the fateful flaw the candidate’s inability to articulate that alternative, or was it the alternative itself?

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