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Politico: Americans for Job Security joins 2012 presidential air war

by Lisa Mathias

Alexander Burns writes for Politico’s “Burns and Haberman” blog today, addressing the messaging direction that one Americans for Job Security is taking in their new ad for Mitt Romney. Burns write that the message is on looking toward the future, rather than what’s happened in the last 4 years, and references what the WG’s David Winston has advised for GOP leadership

It’s not the first indication that Obama opponents feel they need to make a more assertive case about the trajectory of the nation over the next four years: GOP pollster David Winston advised his party’s candidates to move in that direction earlier this week, voicing skepticism about the value of asking voters whether they’re “better off now than they were four years ago.” It’s worth watching whether the future-oriented approach is a nuance Mitt Romney will try to incorporate into his messaging, too.

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