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Politico: GOP pollster Winston: ‘Better off now?’ may not be the right question for 2012

by Lisa Mathias

Alexander Burns writes today for Politico’s blog, Burns & Haberman, about our latest September New Models National Brand Survey. Burns focuses on the recurring question in this year’s campaign, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Which we asked in the survey. The WG’s David Winston points out that the better off/worse off narrative isn’t as important as addressing the real problem of how the candidates will fix the economy:

The pollster, who advises House GOP leadership, likened the debate over the economy to a squabble over a house fire. One candidate says “he started it” another says “he made it worse.”

“Interesting discussion, but what [voters] really want to know is, who’s going to put the fire out?” Winston said. “They want the focus to be on putting the fire out.”

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