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Politico: House GOP plays down Mitt Romney ‘47 percent’ remark

by Lisa Mathias

Politico’s Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim write about Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments in Wednesday’s Politico, referring to numbers in our recently-released August New Models House National Brand Survey. Our numbers showed that voters viewed Democrats as “for the middle class,” but Republicans had some advantages as well. Sherman and Kim write:

Republicans on Capitol Hill have spent all year saying that America shouldn’t be segmented by classes and a stronger overall economy would help everyone. That’s why Republicans have a 10-point advantage — 52 percent to 42 percent — when voters are asked whether they agree with Democrats, who say the election is about the middle class, or Republicans, who say the election is about “creating jobs and economic growth.” Republicans also hold a consistent advantage on who is more trusted on jobs and the economy and who has better ideas for the future.

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