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July 2012 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

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NBC: Sluggish economy adds to financial frustrations

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s David Winston appeared on today’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to talk about the latest reports on the US economy, and what the presidential candidates need to do about it:

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US News and World Report: The Dark Knight Rises’s Libertarian Batman

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s Stephanie Slade writes in today’s US News and World Report an op-ed on how scenes from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies show ideals important to libertarianism:

There is no doubting Thomas Wayne is supposed to be a good man possessing a deep-seated desire to “give back” to his community. But that is far from inconsistent with libertarianism. The gifting of such an asset by a private individual could just as easily be used as evidence that “public” goods like transportation need not come from government at all.

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Fox Business: Survey: Obama Leads Romney in Election

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s Kristen Soltis appeared on Fox Business today to discuss one of the latest WSJ/NBC poll results. Check out the clip through the link:

Real Clear Politics: Misdiagnosing Romney’s Campaign

by Lisa Mathias

EJ Dionne writes in Real Clear Politics about the progress of Mitt Romney’s campaign, and their approaches to the economy. Dionne quotes a survey question we recently asked that shows who and how Romney and Obama should approach the economy issue:

And David Winston, a Republican pollster, has asked one of the campaign’s most interesting survey questions. He found that only 32 percent of the voters said that “the economy is not getting better at all.” At the other end, 26 percent thought it was getting better at an “acceptable” rate. Fully 40 percent said “the economy is getting better, but the rate of progress is still unacceptable.”

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US News and World Report: “Limiting Bush-era Tax Cuts Harms Small Businesses”

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s Stephanie Slade writes in today’s Debate Club column in US News about the implications of President Obama decision to end the Bush tax cuts for those earning $250,000 or more. Slade sees this as a potential problem for small business owners and those looking for employment.

Perhaps they realize that almost 900,000 small businesses will see their taxes go up under the president’s proposal. In an economy adding a paltry 75,000 jobs a month, one can hardly blame them for worrying that 14 million unemployed Americans might not take kindly to a tax on the people most likely to put them back to work.

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CJR: Why is ‘issue coverage’ so boring – and often wrong?

by Lisa Mathias

Walter Shapiro writes in today’s Columbia Journalism Review about a conversation he had with the WG’s own David Winston, about the state of political press and how Winston feels there isn’t enough good coverage of the issues:

“Why doesn’t the media write more about issues that are of central concern to the voters? Why don’t they write more about candidate differences and the implications for the country? Instead we get a litany of process pieces with issues as a sideshow.”

When pollsters—yes, pollsters—start sounding like high-minded press critics, it’s a sign that horse-race hysteria has grown to absurd levels. With the election still four months away, we are hooked up to ephemeral data bursts with a shelf life of four hours. As Winston, who has no connection to the Mitt Romney campaign, went on to say, “This coverage makes it difficult for voters to decide whom they want to give the responsibility of governing to.”

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June 2012 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

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