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US News and World Report: Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Gives Romney a New Rallying Cry

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s Stephanie Slade wrote in the today’s US News to comment on the outcome of today’s Supreme Court ruling on Affordable Care Act. Slade doesn’t necessarily see this as a win for Obama:

With this decision, President Obama became the poster child for the nanny state. If the federal government can hit citizens with a tax for choosing not to buy insurance, can it do the same to those who don’t eat their vegetables? How about those who aren’t members of a gym? The Supreme Court appears to think so; American voters are unlikely to agree.

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AP: Dems, GOP claim national meaning in House election

by Lisa Mathias

Both parties are looking to find meaning in Democrat Ron Barber’s win for the seat in his congressional district in Arizona. But AP’s David Espo says that it really isn’t that easy to tell how things will turn out in the fall, and the WG’s David Winston agrees:

David Winston, a Republican pollster who worked for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, generally agreed. He said that while there are some special elections that may indicate a broader trend, “you have to be very careful in terms of looking at the context and dynamic of the race.”

To read the full article, you can access it via Google News.

The Weekly Standard: Trust the people

by Lisa Mathias

The Weekly Standard’s latest edition features a piece by William Kristol in which he states that Mitt Romney must put forth solid plans for economic recovery and better governing, rather than just criticizing the missteps of the Obama administration. Kristol cites a recent Winston Group survey:

Republican strategist David Winston asked an interesting question in a recent survey of 1,000 registered voters: “In thinking more specifically about how the economy is doing, which comes closer to your view?” Twenty-six percent chose “The economy is getting better, and the rate of progress is acceptable.” Thirty-two percent agreed with “The economy is not getting better at all.” A plurality, 40 percent, chose “The economy is getting better, but the rate of progress is still unacceptable.”

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WaPo: Mitt Romney’s Good Week

by Lisa Mathias

Over the weekend, the Washington Post included a story on the momentum that the Romney campaign has gained in the past week, citing promising polling numbers and primary wins, as well as recent unemployment and job creation numbers that aren’t helping President Obama’s image. The WG’s David Winston says this is a good opportunity for Romney:

“This is an inflection moment where the public is listening to both candidates at a policy level, and for a challenger that’s a huge opportunity,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist. “The problem that Obama has at this point is that people are looking at where he has gotten the economy and whether he will stay the course or change policies. It’s a better policy context for Romney’s campaign and for him. He has a unique chance to lay out his solutions.”

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Politico: Job woes rattle Obama’s strategy

by Lisa Mathias

Glenn Thrush and Josh Boak released a story today on Politico’s website about the job creation and unemployment numbers released today. Department of Labor said that 69,000 jobs were created in May, and unemployment is at 8.2%. The WG’s David Winston says that Obama needs to tell the country what he’ll do about these numbers:

“The president has to address what he is going to do to change things rather than staying the same policy course he charted which has brought us to this point,” GOP pollster David Winston said.
“This was a bad report, not only in terms of the limited jobs created and the increase in the unemployment rate but the revision downward of the previous two months as well. This comes on top of the economic growth rate being revised downward to 1.9%.”

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