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May 2012 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

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Washington Post: President Obama, Mitt Romney do battle over Bain Capital

by Lisa Mathias

As election season continues and Mitt Romney looks to be the likely GOP candidate, President Obama has started launching attacks, particularly over Romney’s past business experience with Bain Capital. Romney had to deal with the subject before, in debates during the Republican primary. The WG’s David Winston says that attacking Romney over his business past may not end up winning over potential voters for Obama:

During the Republican primary, challengers Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry went after Romney’s record at the firm, with Perry famously referring to Romney as a “vulture capitalist.” Their arguments resonated less with Republican voters, many of whom dismissed them as an attack on capitalism.

Gingrich’s pollster, David Winston, said: “Newt’s attacking Romney over Bain didn’t work, and Newt’s moving off of it in South Carolina was a key decision in helping Newt win that primary.”

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Washington Post: How gay marriage plays in Senate races

by Lisa Mathias

The Winston Grou’s David Winston comments in a story released today that looks at how Obama’s support of gay marriage will possibly affect voters in crucial swing states. Winston states that the issue is a distraction from what is really concerning the country right now: the economy.

David Winston, a Republican pollster who advises GOP congressional leaders, suggested that the same dynamic is at play down the ballot.

“Any day that Democrats don’t have the issue be jobs and the economy is a day they’re doing better,” he said. “That’s probably a good day for all Democratic candidates.”

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