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Op-ed in The Daily Caller: State of the Union address reveals contradictions in Obama’s trade stance

by Lisa Mathias

Winston Group project director Stephanie Slade wrote an opinion piece for the Daily Caller this week. Slade comments on President Obama’s mentioning of China’s trade practices in Tuesday’s State of the Union address in a manner that seems supportive of a free market, but is contradicted by his policy proposals:

Obama bookends his chastising of Chinese trade practices with sections on the need for government help for American manufacturers and the need for government help for American workers. This decision belies the coherence of his stance. When other countries take steps to make their industries more competitive, it’s cause for indignation. Yet Obama proposes an array of policies that would give special treatment to favored sectors here at home without any sense of irony.

His proposals include a double-size tax deduction for high-tech manufacturers and public financing for the building of plants and the purchase of new equipment. He calls for federal funding for job-training programs and wants Congress to step in to keep student loan interest rates artificially low.