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USA Today: Perry debate lapse undermines credibility

by Lisa Mathias

USA Today writes about the latest Republican debate in Michigan, where candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry failed to list the third of three government entities that he would get rid of if voted for President. The WG’s David Winston says this slip-up wasn’t going to help Perry’s already slipping poll numbers:

The debate performance didn’t help, Republican pollster David Winston said.
“It was a very difficult thing to watch,” he said. “Anything is possible but this is a really deep hole.”

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The Olympian: 4th woman alleges – publicly – that Cain harassed her

by Lisa Mathias

The Olympian writes about the 4th allegation claiming sexual harassment to come out against Republican candidate Herman Cain, just as his poll numbers were doing well. The WG’s David Winston states that likely Republican voters may not necessarily take this news to the polls:

“The electorate is following this election very closely and they are going to think through every piece of information that is put in front of them in the most thoughtful way they can,” he said. “This is an election where everyone is concerned about direction of the country

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The Associated Press: Obama’s team banks on his ‘regular guy’ appeal

by Lisa Mathias

The AP looks at President Obama’s favorability ratings this week and addresses the tactic that his team has been using to attract voters: by appealing to the public as a “regular guy.” This comes with mixed results, as David Winston states:

“He has a clear track record at this point and that’s what his job approval reflects. He can’t avoid his record but it’s not like people are not willing to listen him.”

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