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The Fiscal Times: Debt Ceiling Rumble: Business vs. the Tea Party

by Lisa Mathias

Today’s Fiscal Times featured commentary from The WG’s David Winston on how the Tea Party is taking advantage of the debt crisis to push their agenda, and how business leaders are reacting:

“It’s not an outcome difference, but there’s a pretty significant difference of opinion in terms of the process of getting there,” David Winston, a GOP strategist, told The Fiscal Times. “Some within the Tea Party are trying to get quite a bit of their agenda done right this second, using the debt ceiling. The business community wants to be more careful about how they use this device, and err on the side of caution, even if they do eventually want to go in the same direction.”

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The Washington Examiner: The next step for Republicans in the debt fight

by Lisa Mathias

Byron York writes in today’s Washington Examiner about where Republicans are at in terms of messaging on the debt ceiling. One perspective paints a negative picture, unwilling to accept any Democratic offers; another perspective looks at the GOP as unyielding because they care about jobs and the economy.

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National Journal: Is Mitch McConnell Right About the GOP Brand?

by Lisa Mathias

Today’s National Journal features a piece focusing on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent comments on the debt talks, comparing the situation to 1995, when Newt Gingrich was House Speaker. Public opinion of Republicans and Democrats will obviously shift depending on what happens, but reaching a standstill doesn’t bode well for either party, according to David Winston:

“Given how far out we are from the conclusion, it’s unclear how the public would assign blame, and if an agreement isn’t reached, it will be negative for the entirety of Washington,’’ he said. “Republicans fundamentally believe that raising taxes would cause the economy to contract when we want it to expand.’’

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Poll: Iowa’s caucusgoers in step with national views

by Lisa Mathias

USA Today reports on a Des Moines Register poll that profiles likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers. The article lists a few characteristics that characterize the group:

•About half have a college degree or higher. That’s more than Iowa adults or Americans in general.
•The proportion who consider themselves born-again Christians hits in the high-40 percent range, slightly above the range for the rest of the nation.
•Mirroring the national picture, they’re more likely to be male, evidence of the classic gender gap between Republican voters and Democratic voters.

But even knowing the type of person the typical Iowa caucusgoer is, it’s too early to tell how turnout will be.

“If it snows heavily it could be a completely different turnout,” Republican pollster David Winston said. “You’re trying to put your finger on mercury a little bit.”

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