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The Fiscal Times: Bachmann Storms Waterloo in First Campaign Speech

by Lisa Mathias

Campaign season continues with Michele Bachmann’s official announcement of her candidacy for the 2012 presidential election in Iowa. The Fiscal Times briefly chronicles Bachmann’s background, as well as the current state of hopefuls for the Republican nomination – Bachmann currently trails very closely behind Mitt Romney, 23-22, in a recent Des Moines Register poll. The WG’s David Winston says that Bachmann may do well in Iowa, but other parts of the country are a different matter:

“She clearly represents a segment of the party that is not enough, at least at this point, to get the nomination,” said David Winston. “Once she’s outside of Iowa, if she gets there, she needs a strategy to try and reach the majority of Republicans and some Independents. I haven’t seen that yet.”

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