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MarketWatch: Republicans, Democrats Draw Lines on Shutdown

by Lisa Mathias

In looking for a $100 billion cut from President Obama’s proposed budget request, which asks to freeze discretionary spending at 2010 levels, Republicans are at odds with Democrats on reaching an agreement. The debate reminds resembles a similar situation in 1995-1996, which prompted a government shutdown. Many are concerned about a shutdown happening again, but The WG’s David Winston says that won’t be the case:

Republicans are infuriated by Democrats’ claims that they are threatening a government shutdown, calling it a hyperbolic scare tactic that ignores repeated GOP leaders’ assertions that they weren’t seeking a shutdown. “Boehner has been very clear—publicly and in private with the Republican conference —that the goal is to get the [budget] passed, not to shut down the government,” said David Winston, a GOP pollster who advises congressional leaders.

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