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MarketWatch: Republicans, Democrats Draw Lines on Shutdown

by Lisa Mathias

In looking for a $100 billion cut from President Obama’s proposed budget request, which asks to freeze discretionary spending at 2010 levels, Republicans are at odds with Democrats on reaching an agreement. The debate reminds resembles a similar situation in 1995-1996, which prompted a government shutdown. Many are concerned about a shutdown happening again, but The WG’s David Winston says that won’t be the case:

Republicans are infuriated by Democrats’ claims that they are threatening a government shutdown, calling it a hyperbolic scare tactic that ignores repeated GOP leaders’ assertions that they weren’t seeking a shutdown. “Boehner has been very clear—publicly and in private with the Republican conference —that the goal is to get the [budget] passed, not to shut down the government,” said David Winston, a GOP pollster who advises congressional leaders.

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Statesman Journal: Will Obama dance around the budget crisis?

by Lisa Mathias

The Statesman Journal recently featured comments David Winston made in a presentation to Third Way, in an article focusing on the government’s current budget woes:

But, Winston said, Americans have largely viewed the debate over cutting the budget as typical ideological responses from both political parties.

“They are saying to both political parties, ‘go back to the drawing board,’ ” Winston said.

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CSMonitor: Obama’s plan to win 2012 presidential election takes shape

by Lisa Mathias

Christian Science Monitor outlines the start of the road to the 2010 presidential election for President Obama, whose prospects look bleak at the moment while the unemployment rate is high, but has potential since it is still early. David Winston was asked to comment on Obama’s State of the Union address, which he feels should’ve delved deeper into the jobless rate issue:

Obama’s State of the Union idea of “out-innovating, out-educating, and out-building” the rest of the world is “interesting rhetoric,” says Republican pollster David Winston. “But a speech won’t be enough. It will have to be, ‘OK, what are you actually going to do…?’ Ultimately, he’s got a monthly report card: jobs. Either that changes or it doesn’t.”

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National Journal: Shutdown rhetoric carries risk, reward

by Lisa Mathias

National Journal’s Jim O’Sullivan writes about strategists’ reactions to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s unyielding stance on the possibility of a government shutdown. O’Sullivan turned to David Winston for his outlook on McConnell’s stance, as highlighted by his appearance on Meet the Press:

“All the discourse is: is government going to shut down? My sense of what McConnell is trying to drive home is we finally have the situation to actually get some things done,” Winston said, adding that the upcoming debates over the continuing resolution and debt ceiling present “this unique bipartisan moment” that could remake the nation’s fiscal outlook.
“What McConnell was trying to do was to get David Gregory to think differently about the opportunity,” Winston said.

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