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The Sacramento Bee: GOP faces tension between party line, voter concerns

by Lisa Mathias

In yesterday’s The Sacramento Bee, Lisa Mascaro and Kathleen Hennessy outlined the incoming Republican House majority’s initial plans, with health-care bill overhaul and reading the Constitution on the House floor among them. They cite concerns that the GOP’s plans won’t align with what voters want, but The WG’s David Winston explains the party hasn’t overlooked their ultimate goal:

“It’s all intertwined,” said David Winston, a Boehner adviser. “I think what you’re going to see is Republicans looking at a lot of issues through the lens of, ‘What does this do for job creation and economic growth?’ Those two items are going to be just clearly linked all the way through.”

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Campaign Strategy, Theme and Message

by Lisa Mathias

American University’s Campaign Management Institute has posted via CSPAN video of The WG’s David Winston, in his recent guest lecture stint at the Institute. To view the program or read the transcript, check it out here: Campaign Strategy, Theme and Message

WaPo: Austerity is first order for Boehner’s installation as House speaker

by Lisa Mathias

Philip Rucker of the Washington Post writes this Monday about the transition from one House Speaker to a new one, as Nancy Pelosi begins to step down from the position and John Boehner prepares to take over. But his transition is markedly different than Pelosi’s, with the intention of showing the American people that, according to the WG’s David Winston, he means business:

“Boehner’s just a very different guy in this regard,” Winston said. “He’s making it more about policy and issues rather than him and the new majority.”

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Kansas City Star: New political season kicks off this month with higher stakes

by Lisa Mathias

David Goldstein writes in the latest Kansas City Star about preparations for the 2012 presidential election, approaching even closer now that the new year has arrived. Obama will prepare for a re-election campaign, while several possible Republican candidates inch into the spotlight. But the WGs David Winston states:

“This is going to be a campaign about ideas. This is not going to be a beauty contest.”

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