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Washington Post: State of the Union: John Boehner adviser David Winston reacts

by Lisa Mathias

The Washington Post hosted an online chat on Wednesday for readers to ask questions for The WG’s David Winston. Questions ranged from health care to job creation:

Q: Why doesn’t Congress develop legislation that will move us to be energy independent? Developing jobs, keeping U.S. dollars at home would probably do more to make us fiscally sound faster and without uncertainty. It means continuing to develop alternate fuels but also being realistic about our fossil fuel needs for the next 20-30 years.
Good question. Republicans were glad to hear that the President seemed to embrace an “all of the above” approach, which would work toward alternative energy while expanding resources here at home, both in terms of oil exploration and nuclear capacity. While his rhetoric was good, we will see what his actions produce. The most critical piece will be the impact on the economy.

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