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August 2010 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

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The Right Idea, Ep. 44: Primaries, Controversies, Movements

by Lisa Mathias

Kristen Soltis chats with Mark Blumenthal of and Patrick Ruffini from Engage about the latest primaries, the Ground Zero mosque, and some big changes for and engage (

Weekly Standard: Polls Predict Big GOP Gains in Congress

by Lisa Mathias

David Winston contributes to Weekly Standard’s August 19th article on the congressional races this year, with positive projections on Republicans winning seats in November:

Pollster David Winston believes Republicans have better prospects in 2010 than they did in 1994. “This administration has opened the door wide for Republicans,” he says. “It’s even more open than it was in 1994.”

But Winston says Republicans “have the challenge of what people remember from 2006,” when Republicans were voted out of office in Congress. And they must answer what Winston calls the “why us?” question. They need to tell voters “what you’re going to get if we have a Republican majority.”

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TRI Ep. 43: Recovery, Rangel and Writing

by Lisa Mathias

TRI is back from hiatus this week! Kristen chats with Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney and The Weekly Standard’s Matt Continetti, talking about Tim Geithner’s op-ed about the economic recovery, the wikileaks on the war, Rangel and Waters being under fire, and advice to budding writers.

Alaska Dispatch: Presidential election jockeying already beginning

by Lisa Mathias

The August 4th Alaska Dispatch features an article outlining the possible Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election, including some of their strengths and weaknesses. David Winston comments in the article, stating that the election will be more about how the candidate will govern and less about their history:

“Ultimately, it will be a race about content,” says Mr. Winston. “Especially now, given concern on the Republican side about where this country is headed, voters want to hear how are you going to govern and where would you take this country.

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The Washington Times: GOP sees winning call in tax break for all

by Lisa Mathias

The Washington Times’ Sean Lengell features David Winston in an August 1 story about the divide between Democrats and Republicans over a few of the Bush-era tax cuts. Winston states that the Republican stance opposing the increase of taxes on the highest income taxpayers won’t help an already weak economy:

“Basically, the public does not think now is the time to increase taxes, by any stretch,” he said. “Ultimately, it’s going to come back to the Democrats to prove that they’re not increasing taxes on small businesses, which, given the number of small businesses that [fall into high income-tax brackets], they’re not going to be able to do.”

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