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LA Times: The boomer defection

by Lisa Mathias

LA Times’ Doyle McManus notes that members of the baby boomer generation are identifying themselves more and more as Republicans, at least according to recent polls. This can prove to be a huge benefit to the GOP for the upcoming November elections. David Winston explains why this shift has occurred:

Polls taken during the healthcare debate last year found that senior citizens over 65 were more strongly opposed to the plan than any other age group — but over time, they were joined by middle-aged baby boomers, who became increasingly negative.

“Older voters are worried that the quality of their healthcare could decline,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster. “That opens a door where they’re willing to listen to Republicans. It’s a huge opportunity.”

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CNBC: Geithner Shares Economic Outlook

by Lisa Mathias

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner shares his economic outlook and discusses trade with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow. David Winston, of The Winston Group, and Josh Gottheimer, of Burson-Marsteller, share their reactions to Geithner’s comments.

St. Petersburg Times: Midterm elections: Economy pushes war into background

by Lisa Mathias

The St. Petersburg Times released an article on Monday, July 5th concerning how the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been pushed aside in the agendas of candidates running for office this year. But the Winston Group’s David Winston explains that with the state of the economy at home, the fighting abroad is the lesser of most Americans’ worries:

“It dwarfs everything,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “It’s sort of like looking at a house and there’s all these things that need repair, but if the roof’s on fire, all these things are secondary. Jobs and the economy are the equivalent of the fire on the roof.”

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Wall St. Journal: Democrats’ Peril, GOP’s Challenge

by Lisa Mathias

Over the 4th of July weekend, the Wall Street Journal released a story on the recent employment report posted on Friday, July 2nd. Among mixed responses from Democrats and the GOP regarding the report, public opinion appears to sway toward the Republican party’s outlook on the lack of progress Democrats have brought to the table. The story includes comments from The WG’s David Winston:

“People have lost confidence in what the Democrats are doing,” said Republican strategist David Winston. “But that is not enough of a reason to vote for Republicans. Republicans still have to answer the question, ‘Why us?’ “

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TRI Ep. 40: Hearings, Spies, and Kill Switches

by Lisa Mathias

TRI gets a bit of a change of pace this week with some new segments. Kristen chats with Rachel Hoff from the Foreign Policy Initiative, and The Winston Group’s own Nicki Kurokawa. Topics include this week’s big stories like Kagan’s hearings, Russian Spies, the Kill Switch Bill, and Summer TV, as well as a new section, Blogger Beat.

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