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June 2010 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

PDF Version FL Senate: Charlie’s Comeback (and how he could be stopped)

by Lisa Mathias

The Winston Group’s Kristen Soltis writes in today about how Florida Governor Charlie Crist is leading in the polls against Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek, and why. Soltis also outlines ways in which Rubio may be able to at least pull through in numbers up to the November elections:

Most folks I talk to say that in order for Rubio to have a fighting chance against Crist, he needs to bring down Crist’s favorables. Of course, that strategy might yield a slight bump in standing, but I don’t believe it is nearly enough to win. Voters already assume politicians do what they need to do to get elected. They already assume Crist has made politically motivated moves in this race. And they vote for him anyways. The problem isn’t Crist’s favorables, the problem is Rubio’s neutral brand image among independents. And the way for Rubio, Crist, or Meek (or any candidate in any race, for that matter) to build that brand is to become the leader on the issue of the economy and jobs.

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Washington Examiner: Obama and Dems heading for electoral disaster

by Lisa Mathias

In Byron York’s latest piece for the Washington Examiner, The WG’s David Winston explains why Obama’s poll numbers look bad for Democrats in this mid-term election year:

Of course, Obama isn’t on the ballot this November. But his ratings contribute to what Winston calls the public’s “overall sense of the ability to govern.” From that perspective, Obama’s troubles are the Democrats’ troubles.

To read more about the poll numbers and Republican response to them, read the full article at

TRI Ep. 39: Departures, Borders and Soccer

by Lisa Mathias

Kristen chats with New Media Strategies’ Matt Moon and Engage’s Mindy Finn this week, about recent staff changes in and outside of the White House, border control policies, and why soccer is irrelevant in the US.

TRI Ep. 38: “Mama Grizzlies,” Jobs, and Remakes

by Lisa Mathias

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report and Philip Klein of the American Spectator join Kristen for a discussion about Republican women succeeding in recent primaries, who’s to blame for unemployment numbers, and why original concept movies are rare these days.

Roll Call:Republicans Encouraged to Pound Democrats Over Budget

by Lisa Mathias

Roll Call’s Jackie Kucinich reports on Republican leaders’ push for fiscal responsibility and rein in spending. Republican Leader John Boehner referred to a Winston Group poll at their recent meeting that backs their message:

Boehner released new data produced by Republican pollster David Winston. The survey of 1,000 registered voters just before the Memorial Day recess showed that 62 percent believed that by not passing a budget, Congress missed an opportunity to “rein in spending.”

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John Boehner: Mistake to not pass budget

by Lisa Mathias

In Wednesday’s Politico, Jake Sherman write about how GOP leaders are forming their message around jobs and the economy – Sherman states that this message comes with support from one of our recent polls:

Republicans are hanging their words partially on a Winston Group poll, which showed that 62 percent of those surveyed believe that Congress’s failure to pass a budget means that it is “missing an opportunity to rein in government spending and provide fiscal discipline that economists say is needed to create jobs and grow the economy.”

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TRI Ep.37: Elections, Laffer Curve, and MTV

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea is starting a third season with a new look and feel. Kristen talks to The Daily Caller’s Moira Bagley and the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel about what will be on the agenda for the mid-term elections, as well as economics and the Laffer Curve and the MTV Movie Awards.

Washington Post: Health-care debate still alive and well for parties

by Lisa Mathias

David Winston comments on how the healthcare debate continues between the GOP and Democrats, in today’s Washington Post:

“For the election, part of what you want to do is contrast what would happen if you were governing,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster who advises party leaders in Congress. “The Democrats and President Obama spent months talking about health care, and Republicans say they should have spent that time working on jobs.”

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US News & World Report: Republicans Worry They Could Squander 2010 Opportunity

by Lisa Mathias

The WG’s David Winston comments in Paul Bedard’s Washington Whispers column today on how the GOP can’t rest easy in 2010 and expect to win in 2012 as well:

David Winston, a GOP pollster who worked on the 1994 Contract with America Republican majorities, says the 2010 elections offer a “real opportunity,” but so does 2012. The reason: The Bush tax cuts expire starting later this year, and the economy could get socked. “I don’t view this year as a one-shot deal.”

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