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December 2009 Survey

by Lisa Mathias

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Ars Technica: iPhone and Snow Leopard Server’s failure to communicate

by canderson

Ars TechnicaCheck out Chris Anderson’s article in Ars Technica about iPhone and Snow Leopard Server’s compatibility problems. We’re excited for Chris, as it’s his first published tech article!

With Apple pushing the iPhone as a full-featured smartphone for the enterprise, you’d think it would work perfectly with its own enterprise-focused Snow Leopard Server. You’d be wrong. The iPhone even functions better in an Exchange environment.

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The Right Idea, Episode 36 – Government 2.0

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Episode 36: Government 2.0 from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

TRI returns with Mark Drapeau and Meagan Carberry, this time chatting with Kristen about the government’s use of new media and how new media will allow citizen journalism to influence transparency in government. Drop in Polls Threatens Obama Agenda

by Lisa Mathias

David Winston is a guest pollster for today, writing about recent surveys that show Obama’s numbers are slipping dangerously below 50%, something the administration may have to be concerned about soon:

If Obama’s numbers continue to slide, his policy agenda is at serious risk. Don’t think for one moment that members of the House and Senate don’t pay attention to these national polls. They do, especially those who find themselves in competitive races. Equally important, their own internal state or district polls will likely also have a presidential job approval question. Whether Obama is under 50% or under water back home could and, in many cases, will impact their voting behavior in D.C.

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