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LA Times: Global warming waits on horizon

by Lisa Mathias

The LA Times recently posted an article on global warming, as recent polls show that numbers have decreased among voters believing that climate change is caused by people. The article featured insight from David on voters’ views of the issue:

“The majority of people view it as an economic issue,” said David Winston, who has polled for the House and Senate Republican leadership on the issue.

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Iowa Poll: Iowa leans conservative, offering potential for GOP

by Lisa Mathias

Thomas Beaumont of the Des Moines Register features David in a recent article profiling Iowan voters and getting insights about the GOP from Iowan Republicans.

“I think the conservative brand is generally fine,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “But the Republican brand has difficulty at this point. And there’s no question that, until the party stops being the opposition party and starts being the alternative party, it’s not going to help its brand.”

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The Right Idea, Episode 35: The Future of Communication

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Episode 35: The Future of Communication from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

Kristen chats with Mark Drapeau and Maegan Carberry about where new media communication is headed and how to best utilize it.

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NY Times: “Republicans Eye the Tiger of Populism”

by Lisa Mathias

Richard W. Stevenson of the New York Times recently wrote on article on the renewal of populist conservatism, mostly due to Sarah Palin’s re-emergence on the political forefront. Stevenson briefly chronicles several instances of populism in political history, and features commentary from The Winston Group’s David Winston on how populism has played a role in elections:

David Winston, a pollster who advises the Republican leaders in Congress, said that when populism is married to a positive agenda that gives voters a concrete alternative to the status quo, it can alter the landscape, as it did when Republicans captured the House in 1994.

“The challenge is not tapping into a populist environment, it’s creating an alternative that brings about the next political shift,” he said.

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Faith-Based Challenges Show a New Rift in the GOP

by canderson

Dan Gilgoff in today’s US News and World Report writes:

Last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee called a meeting with activists on the right, including religious conservatives, to discuss the lessons of New York 23. “Any time you have a loss like we did in 2008, there’s a debate about how the party should go forward,” says David Winston, the pollster for congressional Republicans. “But New York 23 showed that that debate could be poisonous.”

“Faith-Based Challenges Show a New Rift in the GOP”: US News and World Report

American University’s School of Communications: David Winston and Republican Social Networking Strategies

by Lisa Mathias

David explains the GOP’s slow implementation of social media and reaching out to young voters.

Politico: A-List pundits make nice

by Lisa Mathias

David Winston is featured in Politico’s report on the Bipartisan Policy Center’s inaugural summit, which took place in New Orleans on November 9th and 10th. The summit brought together several pundits from both sides of the political spectrum, and proved that they actually can get along:

One attendee told POLITICO that the pundits’ attitude was very much “they’re willing to work together when that works and they’re willing to club each other when clubbing is appropriate.”

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Washington Examiner: No matter what happens, the top issue is jobs

by Lisa Mathias

Byron York’s latest article features commentary from David Winston on the real top issue right now – jobs (not healthcare). Even with unemployment in the double digits, there an urgency missing in addressing the problem, even from both sides of the political spectrum.

“Any time you have unemployment this high, it is the number one story, whether it’s being written about or not,” says David Winston, a Republican pollster who for months has urged GOP officeholders to focus steadily on the issue.

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Washington Post: NY-23 and the blame game

by Lisa Mathias

Ben Pershing writes about the divergent views within the GOP on why Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman lost the NY-23 Congressional race against Democrat Bill Owens. The Winston Group’s David Winston weighed in on how clashes between the base and moderates can affect off-year elections:

“This is not a simplistic problem,” said Republican pollster David Winston. “You watched Democrats go through this after the 1994 election. It’s the constant tension within any political party.”

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