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“Urgency of now” should be for the economy, not health care

by Lisa Mathias

In Byron York’s latest article for the Washington Examiner, a recent Gallup poll shows that Americans do not feel the urgency that President Obama is pressing for in reforming health care. York also gets insight from the WG’s David Winston and refers to a recent WG memo to Republican leaders stating that the real concern lies in fixing the economy, and not so much in health care.

For a recent report to House Republican leader Rep. John Boehner, Winston asked people to judge two different approaches to today’s woes. The choice was between “Republicans who say Congress should be focusing on long-term policies that create jobs, like small business and family tax relief, and controlling federal spending to get our economy moving again,” and “Democrats who say that health insurance reform is key to jump-starting the economy by expanding coverage to the uninsured, lowering costs, and restricting the worst insurance company practices, and we must get it done this year.”
Fifty-four percent of respondents agreed with the Republican approach, versus 40 percent who agreed with the Democratic approach. That’s not because they like Republicans better than Democrats — they don’t — but because they want their leaders to directly address the economy and jobs.

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