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The Right Idea, Episode 18 – Message Discipline

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Ep. 18 – Message Discipline from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

Kristen, Rob and Mark continue this week’s conversation about messaging and strategy by going into the debate over whether public forums like the tea parties are effective or not.

The Right Idea, Episode 17 – New School Strategy

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Episode 17: New School Strategy from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

In the first installment of TRI’s second season, the Winston Group’s Kristen Soltis chats with Rob Kubasko and Mark SooHoo from Campaign Solutions about the differences between Old School and New School tactics and how leaders need to focus more on “the message” itself.

LA Times: In healthcare debate, Obama finds trailblazers face imposing obstacles

by Lisa Mathias

Addressing the backlash that President Obama has been facing lately at health care forums and townhalls, Los Angeles Times’ Mark Barabak turns to David Winston to point out what the protests and animosity really does to political debate.

“It hurts everybody,” said David Winston, an advisor to the House and Senate Republican leadership. “It makes the political process less connected to people’s lives and therefore makes it harder to get at the problems they face. . . . This is a discussion of about where our country goes. Not who can call somebody the worst name.”

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American Chronicle: Obama’s Changes Up Strategy on Health Care Fight

by Lisa Mathias

A recent article in American Chronicle, “Obama’s Changes Up Strategy on Health Care Fight,” David Winston comments on President Obama’s strategy for winning public support on his health care plan:

“This debate has gotten out of hand, and he’s just trying to regain the initiative,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster. “He’s trying lots of different things and hoping one thing will stick.”

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