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The Vanishing Young Republicans: Thesis by WG’s Kristen Soltis

by David Winston

After many months of writing and researching, WG Director of Policy Research Kristen Soltis’ master’s thesis on young voters is now available.   The thesis received “Best Thesis in the Area of Democratic Processes” from Johns Hopkins University this spring and has served as the basis for pieces at The Huffington Post,, and The Next Right as well as radio appearances on BBC Radio and To The Point with Warren Olney.   The thesis takes a look at both the academic literature around voting behavior and partisanship and the practical reasons for the Republican Party’s loss of young voters since 2004.  In the end, Soltis emphasizes the importance of message, tone, and technology when connecting with young voters and affirms the necessity of a modern, vibrant policy agenda to the GOP’s future with young voters.

Download “The Vanishing Young Republicans” (124 pages, pdf)