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Chris Anderson is going to Apple’s WWDC Conference!

by canderson


Apple’s iPhone has completely reshaped the mobile phone industry since its release two years ago when Steve Jobs claimed Apple had “reinvented the phone.” Touchscreens, full-featured internet browsers, and the ease of accessing and consuming content have become standard practice across the phone industry. It is fundamentally changing how people use their mobile phones – browsing full websites, accessing a wide range of applications, and generally never leaving the online world. Within just two years, the iPhone’s web browser (Mobile Safari) commands an astounding 66% market share of mobile internet traffic. Just recently, Apple’s stock enjoyed a huge bump from as a result of a stock upgrade by Morgan Stanley based on the strength of expected iPhone sales alone.

As a result, anticipation for the next iPhone model and the new version of the iPhone software (3.0) is at a fever pitch. Both are expected to be announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple’s yearly convention for software and iPhone developers in San Francisco. This year, for the first time, The Winston Group is sending one of its own to WWDC. Chris Anderson (not to be confused with the editor of Wired magazine, though he wishes that were the case), the WG’s self-described tech geek, former Apple employee, and iPhone 3.0 software beta tester, will be onsite to provide an in-depth look at the technology announcements from a policy, PR, communications perspective.

As the announcements of what new technology the iPhone will contain will inevitably filter out into other devices, this conference will provide a view into the future of the mobile phone arena. As people gradually shift more of their computing time from the laptop to the mobile device, determining how best to take advantage of these new mobile avenues will become an even more crucial aspect of any business or campaign.

So, what are some of the items we might see from WWDC, and how will it affect the communications game? 

1. The new iPhone. Almost a given at this point, Apple is sure to announce a new iPhone model that will at the very least be faster and store more information than the current iterations. More importantly, Apple will finalize the 3.0 version of the iPhone software, bringing push notifications to software developers. Push means news applications can break news to users instantly or grassroots organizations can instantly get important and unique information out to its members.

2. A new tablet? The big question mark is what else Apple will be presenting. Rumored to exist for years, an Apple tablet has become somewhat of the Loch Ness monster for the tech elite. While tablet computers have existed in the periphery for years, a new entry into the tablet market could redefine the tablet computer category just as the iPhone redefined smartphones.

So, stay tuned to Chris Anderson and The Winston Group for more WWDC updates as they happen! He’ll be liveblogging the keynote at, providing Twitter updates on @Chris_Anderson, and will be creating daily videos during the conference which you can find on as well.

Texas, Florida offer GOP models for the future: Pew Center survey: Just 1 in 5 call selves Republicans

by canderson

David was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article about the competing views about rebuilding the GOP.

In contrast, the Florida GOP platform opened with a pledge “always (to) be receptive to new ideas with an outlook broad enough to accommodate thoughtful change and varying points of view.” GOP pollster David Winston says the different approaches reflect the differing politics of the two states.

“A majority coalition in Florida and a majority coalition in Texas happen to be very different models,” he said. “The challenge for the Republican Party is to pull those coalitions together at a national level.” The Texas and Florida models will be tested next year as Perry faces a potential challenge from a moderate conservative, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Crist faces a potential Senate primary challenge from a conservative former Florida House speaker, Marco Rubio.

Houston Chronicle

“Analysis: Obama debating Cheney is a plus for GOP”

by canderson

From the Kansas City Star, where Walter Mears discusses how the debate between Obama and Cheney may be a positive for the GOP.

Their back-to-back speeches on Thursday gave Cheney “a lot of credibility” and put Obama on the defensive, said Republican pollster David Winston.

Kansas City Star

The Right Idea, Epsiode 12 – Republican Identification

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Ep. 12 – Republican Identification from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

Kristen Soltis, Jill Bandes and Jon Henke continue to discuss Arlen Specter’s switch from the Republican party to the Democrat party and its implications, as well as questions of how conservatism should be defined.

The Right Idea, Episode 11 – Working with Unfavorable Numbers

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Ep. 11 – Working with Unfavorable Numbers from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

The Right Idea returns with 2 new installments this week, featuring Jill Bandes of and Jon Henke, a political and policy consultant. They discuss with Kristen Soltis possible solutions for the Republican Party regarding Arlen Specter’s defection and Justice Souter’s retirement.

“Republicans and ObamaCare”

by canderson

Kimberley Strassel in the Wall Street Journal explores the lack of the response by Republicans to Obama’s health care initiatives.

The president has a plan, and he’s laid it on the table. The industry groups that once helped Republicans beat HillaryCare are today sitting at that table. Unions are mobilized. A liberal umbrella group, Health Care for American Now, is spending $40 million to get a “public option,” a new federal entitlement that would kill off private insurance. Democrats passed a budget blueprint that will allow them to cram through that “public option” with just 51 votes.

Republicans? They’re trying to figure out what they think.

The Right Idea, Episode 10 – The Direction of the GOP

by Lisa Mathias

The Right Idea, Ep. 10 – The Direction of the GOP from The Winston Group on Vimeo.

Kristen Soltis, Mindy Finn and James Kirchick address long-term solutions to the GOPs recent setbacks, looking at which direction they need to take with policies and messaging.