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David talking about the Obama honeymoon in the WSJ

by canderson

David is quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article by Greg Hitt and Naftali Bendavid. While the article’s focus is on the Limbaugh controversy, it also discusses the opportunities for the GOP in the start of the Obama presidency. David discusses how Republicans can find their voice on specific issues.

“There are clear opportunities for Republicans,” says party strategist Dave Winston, who suggests party leaders are starting to find their voice on targeted issues. Republicans are painting newly Democratic Washington as a hotbed of higher taxes and spending.

Still, Mr. Winston said, Mr. Obama continues to benefit from the goodwill created in 2008. “The question is when do we get to the point where the afterglow of the election dissipates,” he said. “That’ll be an important inflection point.”

The GOP’s Limbaugh Dilemma [WSJ]