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David Quoted in the Washington Post about the need for GOP alternatives

by canderson

David was quoted by Kerry Bacon, Jr, in a Washington Post article about the GOP beginning to escalate its discourse against President Obama. David mentions that instead of being the opposition party, the GOP needs to offer real alternatives, such as it did last summer regarding additional oil drilling.

At the same time, Republicans are wary of appearing to be a party that simply opposes Obama. David Winston, a GOP strategist who advises House Republicans, said offering alternatives that voters like is crucial to any opposition strategy. He cited the GOP’s success last summer in calling for expanded oil drilling to be part of any effort to reduce gas prices.

“When you ask the public, ‘Which party do you have more confidence in to handle the issue of the economy?’ and in the future they say Republicans, Republicans will be in good shape,” Winston said. “Right now, public polling has Republicans trailing in that question.”

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