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Pence Reshapes Retreat to Aid Rebuilding Plan

by Lisa Mathias

Jackie Kucinich outlines what’s to come on the House Republican Conference retreat and what Chairman Mike Pence has in store for its members. Kucinich mentions David and what he’ll be doing at the retreat:

Pence hopes the inclusion of GOP up-and-comers and the scheduled meetings for Members on the use of blogs and social networking sites like Facebook will get lawmakers excited for an event that has the potential to be a somber affair. Pollster David Winston (a Roll Call contributing writer) and communications experts Rich Thau and Auren Hoffman will lead Members through the various technology seminars.

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Democrats’ Stimulus Mired in Invalidated Ideas From the 1930s

by David Winston

Almost 40 years ago, as Apollo 13 made its way to the moon, an explosion threatened the mission and the lives of the three astronauts on board.

When the control room erupted into chaos, Flight Director Gene Kranz told his team to settle down, “Let’s work the problem, people,” he said. “Let’s not make things worse by guessing.”

Last week, Rep. Dave Camp (Mich.), the top Ways and Means Republican, posed the following question to Thomas Barthold, deputy chief of staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, at a hearing on the Democrats’ stimulus bill.

“Can you tell me, Mr. Barthold, how many jobs will be created by this legislation?”

Barthold answered, “Well, in short, Mr. Camp, I can’t.” (more…)

National Review Online’s ‘The Corner’: David On The Stimulus Bill

by Lisa Mathias

Byron York posts a short blog quoting David on the stimulus bill and what the public wants out of it. Here’s an excerpt:

“Here’s the dynamic in the public view,” Winston told me. “The economy is clearly the number one issue, and what is driving that is fear of unemployment. The unemployment numbers are so huge even in terms of what they were last month. So what the public is looking for in this whole stimulus package is, Will this create jobs?”

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David on the next RNC Chair

by canderson

David was quoted in a Bloomberg article discussing the importance of the RNC Chair race to the future of the Republican party in rebuilding a majority coalition.

The RNC chairman will play a major role in rebuilding the party, said Republican strategist David Winston. During the election, Democrats demonstrated a clear technology and grassroots advantage, harnessing text messages and social- networking sites to collect more than 13 million addresses and raise half a billion dollars.

“The election of this particular chair, given the loss that just happened, is very important,” Winston said. “The key is electing someone who understands how to rebuild the majority coalition.” Republican Battle for Party Chief Pits Leaders, Base 

GOP Mutes Rhetoric for Now

by Lisa Mathias

Steven T. Dennis and Emily Pierce write about the GOP’s effort to curb criticism on Obama and Democratic leaders in order to establish more bi-partisanship in Congress and gain more support from the President-elect. The article includes some commentary from David on what will and won’t work for GOP leaders.

Republican leaders are consciously muting their rhetoric against President-elect Barack Obama for now for fear of a public backlash as he enters the White House with sky-high approval ratings.

Even House Republicans, who have become significantly more conservative this year in makeup and in their leadership ranks, have largely held their fire at the behest of Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), who has personally talked warmly about Obama and privately urged other Members to temper their rhetoric. In the Senate, Republicans are temporarily opting against all-out partisan warfare as they wait to see how Democratic leaders will run the chamber in the weeks and months ahead.

In the House, Boehner and other leaders have talked behind the scenes, including at last weekend’s leadership retreat, about making a distinction between Obama and Congressional Democrats — who are much less popular than Obama and are already tightening the rights of the minority in contrast to Obama’s message of bipartisanship. (more…)

Obama Better Realize That Honeymoons Do Not Last Forever

by David Winston

There is a widely told story of Nikita Khrushchev’s ousting as the first secretary of the Communist Party more than 40 years ago. As the tale goes, just before leaving office the short-tempered, shoe-pounding leader sat down and wrote two letters to his successor along with a short note of instructions.

The note supposedly said, “To my successor: When you find yourself in a hopeless situation, open the first letter and it will save you. Later, when you again find yourself in a hopeless situation, open the second letter.”

Sure enough, his replacement, Leonard Brezhnev, soon had reason to open the first letter. It said, “Blame it all on me.” That’s what the new party leader did, and it saved his job. Later, he found himself in a similarly dire situation and supposedly grasped for Khrushchev’s second letter as he desperately looked for a solution. (more…)

GOP revival hangs on party’s next leader

by Lisa Mathias

Ed Hornick outlines the RNC Chairman race on, with a look into the current progress of the race since Monday’s Debate.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A fresh, invigorating appeal to voters. That’s the challenge Republicans face as they set out to pick a new leader for a party driven into the wilderness after a disappointing 2008 general election.
But which candidate’s philosophy will convince the party faithful of a revival? Some say whomever can embrace new approaches employed by Democrats this year will not only win out but will bring the party back to a majority in government.

The article also features insight from David Winston on the candidates and the directions they’re taking to earn their votes.

Analysis: GOP revival hangs on party’s next leader []

Featured Article: Six Vying To Become The Next RNC Chair

by Lisa Mathias

Printed in The Washington Post on January 3rd, 2009, Perry Bacon, Jr. writes on the tense race for RNC Chairman.

Following an election that has left Republicans with no clear vision about how to regain power, the normally low-profile race to head the GOP’s national committee has turned into a six-man showdown that has opened rifts along racial, regional and ideological lines.

Six Vying to Become The Next RNC Chair []