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Soltis on Young Voters and Independents at

by David Winston

At, I give my take (2000 words of it…fair warning ahead of time!) on the election and why the GOP had a bad night.  In short?  Independents, young voters, the economy.  There are serious long term implications for the party, particularly regarding young voters and the number that voted for Democrats compared to 2004.  

Kristen Soltis – The GOP Faces Long Term Challenge with Young Voters and Independents []

National party ID and ideology from the past 24 years

by canderson

Party ID and Ideology 1984-2008 [PDF]

GOP Proves You Can’t Win Without Running a Campaign on Issues

by David Winston

GOP campaign leaders and operatives once again adopted a base strategy despite the fact that neither party can win without attracting key swing voters in the middle. With party affiliation slightly shifting away from Republicans in this election, an economic meltdown and a hugely unpopular president, it was astonishing to see so many Republican political leaders and consultants cling to what had already been shown to be a self-defeating strategy. (more…)

Kristen Soltis on RTÉ ‘s Prime Time with Mark Little

by David Winston

The Winston Group’s Director of Policy Research Kristen Soltis appeared on Ireland’s RTÉ for their Prime Time Election Day coverage with Democratic strategist Jim Duffy to discuss expectations for the election.

Myra Miller on CN8’s Roll Call TV

by Myra Miller

The Winston Group’s Senior Vice President Myra Miller joins a team of political strategists on Robert Traynham’s Election Day Special on CN8’s Roll Call TV.  The video is in two parts and can be found here.

Being Republican in an Obama America: Soltis Posts at The Next Right

by David Winston

At The Next Right, I’ve blogged about my (very initial) hopeful reactions to the Obama victory.  I’ve often heard that in Chinese, the character for “crisis” is a combination of the characters for “danger” and “opportunity”. While there is plenty of “danger” to be found in the results of yesterday’s election, I try to find the bright spots and potential opportunities that emerge from the pending Obama presidency.  Click here for the piece.