The Winston Group is a strategy and research firm dedicated to making ideas matter.

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Ideas matter

The Winston Group is in the business of making ideas matter. We’re not your typical pollsters or strategists. We’re innovators with political and policy experience, published scholars, and former Capitol Hill leadership staff. Our years of experience can help you develop a strategy to reach your goals, but we provide more than one dimensional analysis. Problems require solutions. Solutions require ideas. Tactics aren’t enough. You've got big ideas; we help you make those ideas matter.


Clients matter

Strategic innovation – turning fresh ideas into solutions – requires well-designed ideas. We believe ideas are the backbone of strategy, and that’s the approach we take with our clients. Fortune 500 companies, major campaigns, foundations, and associations rely on The Winston Group. And for us, no two clients are alike. Polling and strategy aren’t simply commodities we sell to clients. That’s the benefit of working with a boutique firm – each client has a unique mission and deserves a custom research design to fit.


Research matters

Research – understanding the environment surrounding your problem by listening to your audience – is a crucial step in idea design. We believe it’s important to have research to back up assumptions and that research is essential to smart decision making. Getting answers that matter means asking the right questions. Opinion research is at the heart of the work that we do to help our clients achieve their goals.


Design matters

We live in a world where television remote controls have 250 buttons and features – but it takes forever to figure out how to use them. Sometimes, ideas can get complicated too. We help you cut through the clutter to focus on the elements of an idea that really matter to your audience. Idea design is the process of creating a simple interface between ideas and the human mind. It is that attention to design that is at the heart of the strategy we provide.


Strategy matters

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

Successful outcomes require strategy, and strategy means planning. Tactics alone are not a solution. Our focus is on creating a strategy that will achieve your desired outcome. We use our political and policy experience to take traditional research to the next level by developing smart ideas to meet and achieve those outcomes. We make ideas matter and help you turn those ideas into action.

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Action matters

Opinion research and strategy – complex? Sure. Incomprehensible? They don’t have to be. Get ready for a departure from the presentations you’re used to seeing. We create clear, simple, attractive presentations that stick. We don’t just give you the facts and leave you to interpret them; we provide a plan of action so you can move forward. Our priority is to give our clients manageable tools that can be shared with your team. Making your ideas matter requires a plan, and we make sure you can turn that plan into action.

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