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LA Times: World crises drown out Obama’s economic message for midterm election

by Lisa Mathias

The Winston Group’s David Winston comments in the July 23rd edition of LA Times on how President Obama’s handling of foreign policy reflects his handling of policies stateside:

The foreign affairs crises are not drowning out the economic message, but rather heightening concerns about his ability to get to successful policy outcomes, which includes the economy.

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Discussion Points: More than Words

by Lisa Mathias

In our second video of our new Discussion Points series, we discuss the importance of having not only a good message, but a good plan to back it up. We also take a look at how President Reagan served as an example of this concept.

Video: Is America Still Center Right?

by Lisa Mathias

In the first of a new series of short, original videos, we decided to look into whether the American electorate has remained ideologically center-right since the last two presidential elections, or whether voters have shifted to the left. We also explain what this means for Republicans as we go into the 2014 election season.

Memo and Toplines: Research on Common Core State Standards

by Lisa Mathias

Hart Research Associates and The Winston Group recently surveyed public school teachers on the implementation of Common Core State Standards, conducted for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Below you’ll find a summary of the key findings, as well as the survey toplines.

Memo: Survey of Teachers’ Attitudes about the Common Core State Standards

Toplines: Gates CCSS Survey

Politico: And the GOP economic plan is…?

by Lisa Mathias

David Nather writes for Politico on the GOP’s plans to turn around the economy and help improve the unemployment rate. Some lawmakers are focused on Obamacare, but the WG’s David Winston says that should not be the focus going into the 2014 midterm election:

“As a political party, you need to be addressing the No. 1 issue concern as identified by the electorate. In this case, there’s no question it’s jobs and the economy.”

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WP: GOP too focused on Obamacare, some Republicans warn

by Lisa Mathias

Karen Tumulty writes for the Washington Post on how many GOP leaders have focused heavily on debating and repealing the ACA. But the WG’s David Winston feels that it’s not the issue that’s going to win voters:

“While health care is a very important issue, Republicans must focus on what is the overwhelmingly top issue — jobs and the economy, just like they did in 2010 with the question ‘Where are the Jobs?’ ” said David Winston, a pollster who advises House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

In Winston’s view, it is a myth that the last midterm election was swung by voter outrage over Obama’s health-care proposal, which was then being hotly debated in Congress.

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WaPo: Congressional Republicans are focused on calming their divided ranks

by Lisa Mathias

Robert Costa writes for the Washington Post on the GOP’s efforts to mollify division within the party, opting to focus on keeping the party stable rather than attempting to pass major legislation. The WG’s David Winston comments:

“There is clearly a desire among Republicans in Congress to move forward, and everyone is working through where they could find potentially find consensus,” said David Winston, a Republican strategist who advises Boehner. “But you’ve got to see where the differences are and try to resolve them, while staying focused on offering an alternative.”

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Politico: The GOP’s confused inequality message

by Lisa Mathias

Politico addresses the issue of inequality in America, specifically the Republican Party’s approach to handling it. The WG’s David Winston explains the economic approach to the issue:

Republican pollster David Winston, who advises the GOP leadership and gave a presentation at the recent House Republican retreat, said Boehner’s critique acknowledges that the growth formula is the one most Republicans are comfortable with: Economic growth creates jobs, which in turn helps people earn more because more businesses have to compete for workers. “When you increase the value of labor by having lots of jobs, that is central to getting back on the right track,” he said.

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LA Times: Republicans back away from immigration reform

by Lisa Mathias

The Los Angeles Times touches on the immigration debate in terms of what Republicans are – or are no longer – doing, as Speaker John Boehner steps away from pushing any legislation, the newspaper reports. The WG’s David’s Winston says the White House also needs to take action:

“Republicans are willing to move forward, but the president’s got to instill some confidence that he’s going to implement the law,” said Republican strategist David Winston, who is close to party leadership. “The ball’s in the president’s court.”

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WSJ: Cantor: Expect 2014 Vote on a GOP Health Law

by Lisa Mathias

The Wall Street Journal reports on the recent GOP conference in which Republican leaders discussed policy proposals. Health care was a major issue discussed at the event. According to the WG’s David Winston, after last year’s government shutdown, the dialogue had a different tone:

“This is a different conference after the shutdown,” said GOP pollster David Winston, who spoke to lawmakers at the retreat. “What happened with the shutdown was that nothing moved forward in the way Republicans would like to see. The only way to move things forward is to make proposals and support them.”

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